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Who am I? I’m Melanie Clement. I started running in January 2012 in order to join a team of coworkers for an upcoming Spartan Sprint race. At that time, I was inactive. I started training with a walk run program to build me up to an hour run before the event that took place in June. While I did not enjoy the mud race, I discovered that I had a passion for running. From that passion, a desire to compete and see how far I could go was born.

I’ve since competed both on trails and roads at different distances, including ultra-marathons. My strength lies in road running. My proudest achievement was to be selected to compete at the World 100k Championships in Spain in November 2016. I have since dropped down in distance to work on my speed. I also moved to Vancouver last July in order to train where the best in our country train. In 2018, I plan on competing road races, as well as masters track and cross country races at the regional, provincial, national and international levels.

I strongly believe that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and your dreams and I am here to prove it.

Why the RunMelanieRun name?

In 2013, I joined a team of 23 runners to complete a 100k road run (we each ran the full distance as solo runners!) to raise money to fight kids’ cancer. The run was part of the Sears Great Canadian Run. We ran from Ottawa, Ontario to Montebello, Quebec. Having been a runner for less than 2 years at the time, and having been inactive before that, training for the 100k event was not without its challenges. To encourage me to keep going, a friend started using the hashtag #runmelanierun in his comments on my Facebook posts. Other friends soon joined in and it stuck. The run was a success as our team raised more than $100,000 for the cause. I look forward to sharing this story and more of the incredible moments running has allowed me to experience with you. Please keep visiting my website for regular updates.

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