No One Is Special: We Can All Reach Big Goals

Today’s blog post on reaching big goals can be summarized with the following words:

Let that sink in for a minute.

Too often, we compare ourselves with others who are more competent than us and we think that there is something special about them. Maybe they were born with more natural talent than us. Maybe they’re not dealing with the struggles of daily life that we do. Maybe they have the right connections and know the right people. Or maybe they are just plain lucky.

When we assume that more successful people than us, in any area of life, are somehow different than us, we lose all power to ever get to that level ourselves. We just plain give up. Why bother even trying since they have something that makes them thrive, something that we don’t and will never possess?

I say it’s time we stop believing that. We are all human beings and therefore, all the same. We were all born with the potential to be outstanding, to be champions. Those who achieve big goals show us that we are all capable of accomplishing great things if we want to. We can all be triumphant.

You don’t have the right circumstances? Change them. Yes, some of us may have to work a bit harder to get where we want to be, but that will only make our success taste even sweater. Focusing on the reasons why we think we don’t have what it takes is only an excuse not to take action. For every reason we may think we cannot attain our goals, I am confident we can find people with the same circumstances who did.

Firmly believing that we can achieve our goal is key. Acting as if we cannot and will not fail. Often, we don’t reach our goals because we let doubts poison our minds. We may even let others, who believe they have our best interest at heart, convince us to go for a smaller “more realistic” goal. I strongly believe that the only reason there aren’t more people who achieve big goals is that they don’t believe they can. Let’s dare to be different.

If you’re reading this and thinking “but…”, squish that thought. Remember: Anything is possible. If they can, we can. We all have the power to change our lives. If we want something, we need to go after it. Do what it takes. Find out what the people we admire did to get where they are and put in the work. None of them got there without struggles and hard work. We may not always see it because it happens behind the scenes, but it’s there. They once were exactly where we are, but they believed they could and they did. And they never gave up. Let’s find the courage and determination to do the same.

Who’s with me?

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