Setting Intentions: Keeping it Simple

Often, in the yoga classes I attend, the teacher will ask us to set an intention for our practice. Something we’d like to focus on during the session, like “patience”, “letting go” or “being present in the moment”. Until working with mental fitness coach, Sara Wegwitz, it had never occurred to me that I could also, very similarly, set intentions for my life. She has recently asked me to do just that, with three words that will guide me in the upcoming year.

What are intentions?

I’ve had to do a little bit of research to answer this question. Intentions are not goals. Goals are set in the future and are external achievements. Intentions are always happening in the here and now. They are based on values that are important to us and guide our actions. They are more about the journey to reach our goals and are lived daily (hopefully!), regardless of how far or close we are from attaining our goals. Intentions are changes that will lead us to greater fulfillment.

How to set intentions?

It’s easy to get carried away when we want to improve ourselves or our lives. Maybe we focus on too many things at once, feel overwhelmed, and then, abandon the whole process. Picking just three words keeps it simple and keeps us focused on just a few things at a time.

My three words

To make them even easier to remember, I’ve chosen three words that start with the same letter. Of course, you can also select fewer if you prefer or make them into an acronym. Year 2018, for me, will be about:

  1. FUN: I tend to take life a little too seriously sometimes. I am so determined and focused on reaching my goals, that I can forget to enjoy the process. Enjoying the journey more will mean that I have no regrets, regardless if I reach my goals or not.
  2. FAITH: This year, I will strive to focus on my efforts and the present moment, letting go of the outcomes more. I will also trust that the universe has a plan for me and that everything happens for a reason, even if things may not end up the way I had pictured them.
  3. FEISTINESS: Finally, I’d like to approach life and races with more boldness and courage. I will do my best to leave any doubts behind, trust myself (and my training), and aim to take more risks in order to unleash my full potential.

Having picked my three words, I will now write them down and display them somewhere I can see them daily. Each time I am faced with a decision or a choice on how to approach a situation, I will do my best to remember to let them guide me.

Which three words will guide you in the upcoming year? If you decide to set intentions, I’d love to hear what you come up with!

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4 thoughts on “Setting Intentions: Keeping it Simple”

  1. I really like the three you have chosen. I also have chosen 3 and hope they aren’t too philosophical.
    1. Grateful, this year I hope to show my gratitude for the kindness and generosity of others. I will thank family, friends, acquaintances and volunteers for they make me a better person and help me along the journey to attaining my goals.
    2. Patient, they say patience is a virtue. Nothing that I truly appreciate has ever come easy. Hard work and perseverance seems for me at least is necessary. There are no shortcuts. I strive to be patient, to put in the work, enjoy the process knowing the future will soon be here.
    3. Courage. Getting out of my comfort zone is countered with recognizing that failure is nothing to fear. I will have the courage along with the curiosity to try new things, learn from the experiences and be more knowledgeable and stronger as a result.

  2. I like the letter you chose, so
    Focus, I will do my best to focus on what is important.
    True, I’ll be true to my believes, I’ve found it difficult to stay on track and often cheat on what is important to me.
    Explore, staying focused and true to your beliefs will guide me on my journey to explore things I’ve always believed out of reach.
    I’ll be an amazing year; enjoy!

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