Welcoming Distractions: Give Yourself a Break

During training season, each morning, I wake up to an email with details of my daily workout(s). I plan my day mentally. Then, before getting out of bed, I take my resting heart rate and jot down how many hours of sleep I got. After I get up, I also regularly weight myself and take my blood pressure. Then, I prepare a healthy breakfast that will help me tackle the day ahead, get dressed and out the door I go!

Today, I forgot it all.

I’m still technically in my off season break until Wednesday, so the schedule has been different with no training, but I’ve still been diligent about entering my data daily. This morning though, a little furry face greeted me with her purrs when I woke up and nothing else really mattered in that moment.

Being an animal lover, I’ve been a pet mom most of my adult life. But eventually, like with every other area of my life, training took priority and I’ve now found myself without a furry friend for the past 2 years.

That is, until two days ago, when I fell in love with this beauty.

Meet Sheena

While I love training, racing and competing, it can also be, at times, difficult, stressful and lonely. As a very competitive (and very committed!) athlete, I sometimes forget to give myself a break, even during off season. Sheena reminds me that it’s ok to not do everything perfectly all the time. It’s ok to take a mental break for the rigours of training once in a while. It’s ok to just enjoy the moment and breathe.

I’d wanted to avoid any distractions from training, but today I realized something very important. Forgetting to take my stats once in a while won’t make any difference with my training. It won’t make me less dedicated or mean I’m not as motivated. But it might just make me a more relaxed and happier person, and therefore an even better athlete in the end.

Let’s all remember to pause and give ourselves a well deserved break once in a while!

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